Royal Crimson Peacock

Royal inspired "Crimson Peacock" beauty of many tales.

Feel like a princess from the inside - out in this goddess skirt.

Where the skirt will follow you gracfully, so charmingly you shall be. 

With gold shimmering accents in the sunlight.

- Our long beautiful goddess skirts are handmade with the finest designs. Every skirt is unique and one of a kind. The waist band has a draw string, making these skirts flexible and fully adjustable to you. We use 100% pure cotton for your comfort, naturally.

Featuring a petticoat "underskirt" for extra flare while creating modesty that one may not see through.

These skirts may be paired with any outfit or blouse,                                             we offer our goddess wraps in every colour so you may mix and match as your heart desires.

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Goddess Skirt Measurements:


Hips Width: 26 - 36 inches

Length:  41 inches

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