About us

About Us 

On Bhakti Fest’s sacred pilgrimages through India, we seek out magical places, bazaars, temples, and rarely visited villages, bringing the Bhav back to the West and returning with sacred offerings that radiate beauty, authenticity, and the spirit of India that we love and worship so dearly. We have built empowering, loving and productive relationships throughout the country, bringing back fair-traded clothes, jewelry, essential oils, mala beads, Saris, crafts, books, bags, deities, and so much more.

We  also look to supplement these product offerings by working with brands that we source in the US and worldwide that are aligned with our mission and target audience.

At our sister company Bhakti Fest events, we share the beauty of yoga, kirtan, and devotion in the West. Now, you do not have to wait all year to stock up on Bhakti Fest’s  merchandise. We are excited to expand our enterprise by offering these products to you year round at the snap of a finger.

Our US headquarters is in Joshua Tree, CA, where we package and ship every order lovingly by hand. 

Meet Our Executive Team:

Sridhar Silberfein - Founder/CEO

Gail Silverman - VP Sales & Marketing 

Bri Mayfield - VP Operations 

Bella Silberfein -Buyer 

Thank you for supporting our dear friends in India and the world of Bhakti at large.