Pyramid of Divinity

Inspired by Royalty of the East, "Pyramid of Divinity" - Reincarnations of the Higher Self.

The pyramid represents the sense of harmony and unity within ourselves and with the environment to which we aspire. The individual building blocks of the pyramid are lessons we have already successfully completed, i.e. the ability we have already learned of how to live the basic rights of existence. As soon as the top of the pyramid has been built to the necessary height and the whole structure has been cleanly rendered the highest goal can be said to have been reached: The respective person is then in perpetual harmony with himself and his environment. 

This Goddess Skirt represents the pyramid of divinity within all of us.

Pyramids patterns in it's embroidery.

The colors combine to be both grounding and uplifting. It stands out while being camouflage. This is the earth reaching towards the heavens.

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Goddess Skirt Measurements:


Hips Width: 26 - 34 inches

Length:  40 inches


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